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These are challenging times for working people. The growing gap between rich and poor, the dismantling of social services and the increasing concentration of corporate control are all symptoms of the class distinction that is besieging us. The printing industry is not immune to these market pressures. Many large print jobs are being sent overseas to maximize profits.

By using union labor to produce your materials, you can boost your organization's ethical currency. You show tangible support for Union representation for the workers producing your material. You also demonstrate general support for the trade union movement and labor organizing, which includes protection from unfair labor practices and provides for a decent living wage, adequate health benefits and other essential qualities of life.


• To obtain the best possible printing job.

• Safer conditions and better training can mean better product.

• Improved safety conditions for workers.

• Protection form unfair labor practices for workers.

• Decent wages and benefits for workers.

•Visible support for organized labor.

• To improve your chances that you literature will be read and given proper consideration.

• To show your respect for union employers and union workers.

Graphic Communications Union
Local 388-M

Call 510-652-2076, 8am-6pm PST | info@newsolidarity.com

New Solidarity's goal is to strengthen the connections between the labor, community and environmental movements organizing for progressive social change. Please feel free to offer new ideas for button or sticker slogans, or new products, or ways to improve our services.